2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Andrea Cohee

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Andrea Cohee

Presentation Title: Building a Cancer-Related Self-Efficacy Tool for Partners of Breast Cancer Survivors Using Qualitative Interviews

Author Name(s): Andrea Cohee, PhD

Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana University School of Nursing

Background: Self-efficacy is a major predictor of physical, psychological, social and overall quality of life among breast cancer survivors. Because survivor and partner outcomes are often linked, it is reasonable to hypothesize that self-efficacy is an important predictor of physical, psychological, social and overall QoL in partners as well. However, this hypothesis has yet to be tested, in part because no scale exists to measure partners’ cancer-related self-efficacy. Development and psychometric testing of such a scale is a critical first step in developing a theoretical model predicting QoL in this population.

Methods: Our first step following standard instrument development procedures is to interview partners using open-ended questions. Partners are asked about the challenges they faced during treatment, following treatment, and how they’ve coped with those challenges.

Results: Data collection is ongoing with 11 of 20 interviews completed. Partners (N=11) identified over 35 issues that hampered their confidence in dealing with breast cancer. The main domains of 1) providing support to spouse, 2) navigating the medical system and treatment options, 3) coordinating family and friends, 4) managing the household, and 5) dealing with their own emotions.

Discussion: Once data collection is finished, a scale will be finalized with all identified challenges.

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