2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Angela Campbell

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Angela Campbell

Presentation Title: Pharmacologic Therapy Among Opioid Exposed Infants: Disparities by Race

Author Name(s): Angela G. Campbell, PhD, MPH; Emily Scott, MD, FAAP; Sami Gharbi, MS ECE and Sarah Wiehe, MD, MPH

Background: This study examines potential disparities in the receipt of pharmacologic therapy among Black and White infants exposed to opioids in-utero.

Data & Methods: A sample of infants was obtained from a large metropolitan hospital system between 2008-2018 (N=1,760). Exposure was defined as a post-natal NAS/opioid exposure diagnosis or having a mother with an opioid use diagnosis during pregnancy. Logistic regression models were adjusted for insurance status, gender, year of treatment and facility.

Results: Chi-square tests indicate that a smaller proportion of Black infants received opiate weaning relative to white infants and a smaller proportion of Black female opioid users were identified during pregnancy relative White female opioid users. Bivariate and adjusted logistic regressions indicate that Black infants have significantly decreased odds of receiving pharmacologic therapy relative to White infants. This relationship was slightly mediated by the inclusion of a variable indicating whether or not the mother was diagnosed with opiate use during pregnancy.

Conclusion: These results suggest that Black infants have reduced odds of receiving opiate weaning therapy and that this disparity may partly be due to fewer Black female opiate users being identified during pregnancy.

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