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2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Ephrem Abebe

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Ephrem Abebe

Presentation Title: Medication Use Safety During Care Transitions for Children with Medical Complexity

Author Name(s): Ephrem Abebe, PhD, Sarah Wiehe M.D, MPH, Richard J. Holden, PhD

Background: Children with medical complexity (CMC) are a medically fragile and growing member of the pediatric patient population. Their medical care spans multiple healthcare professionals and care settings. Consequently, CMC experience frequent transitions of care and are at increased risk for medication related harm. Such risks are poorly understood and represent a major patient safety gap.

Aims: of this study are: (1) to understand care transition-related medication safety risks for CMC, and (2) through a participatory design (PD) approach, to develop an early prototype intervention to address identified safety risks.

Methods: For Aim 1, guided by System Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety 2.0 framework, we will conduct observations (with clinicians) and semi-structured interviews (with 5 family caregiver dyads each) during three care transition experiences: from Cardiac ICU to home, Neonatal ICU to home, and those between primary care/specialty clinic to home. Observation notes and transcribed interviews will be analyzed using accepted qualitative data analyses methods. For Aim 2, we will conduct PD sessions with up to 5 participants (separately for clinicians and family caregivers) from each of the three care transition types.

Expected Outcome: Early prototype tool will inform future planned study aimed at evaluating its effectiveness.

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