2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Fahmi Mesmar

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Fahmi Mesmar

Presentation Title: Adipocyte Differentiation and/or Lipid Accumulation are Induced by Commonly Used Pesticides in Indiana

Author Name(s): Fahmi Mesmar, Jason Tennessen, Ken Mackie, Stephen J. Carter and Maria Bondesson

Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana University, Bloomington

Abstract: Obesity and obesity-related disorders remain a threat to personal and public health – a trend that is apparent in Indiana wherein nearly 34% of rural residents are obese and symptomatic of related cardio-metabolic disorders. Factors related to excessive fat accretion are multidimensional including genetics, caloric intake, and physical inactivity, however; mounting evidence suggests environmental factors, such as exposure to chemical pollutants, can also contribute to obesity-related diseases. Here, we sought to investigate whether commonly used agricultural pesticides used on corn and soy fields can enhance adipocyte differentiation and lipid droplet formation in vitro. We treated the mouse 3T3-L1 cell line with increasing concentrations of atrazine, flumetsulam, acetochlor, metolachlor, dicamba, tefluthrin, or glyphosate followed by staining for lipids. Of these chemicals, exposure to acetochlor, metolachlor, tefluthrin and atrazine increased lipid staining. Through qPCR we determined that these four chemicals also increased the expression of Fabp4, PPARg, and Lpl, which are markers for pre-adipocytes (early differentiation), adipocyte differentiation and mature adipocytes, respectively. Future studies will determine if these and other chemicals will affect lipid regulation in flies, fish and mice, with the long term goal of providing the Indiana rural community with information on how to best avoid exposure to obesogenic chemicals.

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