2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Hanisha Battina

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Hanisha Battina

Presentation Title: Impacts of Type II Diabetes and BMP-2 in Lung Endothelial Cells for Fracture Healing

Author Name: Hanisha L. Battina

Project Mentor or Advisor:  Dr. Melissa Kacena

Author Department and School Affiliation: IU School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Abstract: Type 2 diabetes (T2D) induces various physiological changes in the bone, increasing the risk for fractures. Fracture healing is impaired due to disruptions in angiogenesis and bone formation. Critical-sized bone defects (CSDs) are large, non-union defects that do not heal spontaneously throughout the lifespan of an organism. The lack of blood flow at the site of the CSD requires the intervention of treatments that prompt osteogenesis and re-vascularization. Currently, the only FDA-approved standard that may be used as a bone graft substitute for treating CSDs is bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2).

Here we examined angiogenic properties of endothelial cells isolated from mice with the T2D phenotype treated with or without BMP-2. The baseline parameters utilized for this study included insulin tolerance test (ITT), glucose tolerance test (GTT), and weekly body weight measurements. The T2D-like metabolic phenotype was induced in mice by placing them on a high fat diet (HFD) while the control mice received a low fat diet (LFD). Both groups of mice underwent a CSD surgery on their right femur and were treated with either saline (negative control) or BMP-2 (positive control). The effects of BMP-2 on proliferation, vessel formation, and gene expression of endothelial cells were investigated.

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