2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Jordan Hill

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Jordan Hill

Presentation Title: Remotely Delivering a Medication Safety Intervention during a Global Pandemic

Author Name(s): Jordan R. Hill1, Addison B. Harrington2, Philip Adeoye2, Noll Campbell 3,1,2, Richard J. Holden1,2

Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Indiana University, School of Medicine, 2Regenstrief Institute, 3Purdue University, College of Pharmacy

Abstract: With COVID-19 requiring the suspension of face-to-face research activities, researchers are faced with new obstacles to the continuation of their studies. In order to overcome these research challenges, our team assessed the needs of our study population (older adults) and took an iterative, Agile-inspired approach to developing and testing operational solutions.

We applied this approach to remotely deliver one of our study interventions—a medication management app—that would normally have been delivered and explained face-to-face. We iteratively developed a series of “Care Packages” differing in their content, to allow different study participants to receive the study intervention successfully. This approach accommodated participants who needed a smartphone provided by the study team, participants who already had the app installed on their phone but needed remote technical support, and participants who appeared to have lost interest in the study and needed to be re-engaged. We successfully delivered 15 remote intervention packages to date, demonstrating that research activities that would previously have required face-to-face engagements can continue remotely. We also developed personalized strategies for remotely delivering app-based interventions others can adopt. Additionally, we believe our Agile-inspired approach can help guide other researchers who want to quickly and effectively overcome unprecedented operational challenges.

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