2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Justin Couetil

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Justin Couetil

Presentation Title: Autologous Bone Marrow Cell Therapy Reduces Opioid Dependence in Patients with
Critical Limb Threatening Ischemia

Author Name(s): Justin L. Couetil1, Michael P. Murphy2

Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Indiana University School of Medicine; 2Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Vascular Surgery

Abstract: Critical limb-threatening ischemia (CTLI) can be considered the “heart attack of the leg”. Pain is so severe that patients require amputation and have a high-risk for opioid addiction; moreover, up to a third of patients do not have the option of traditional revascularization procedures. The MOBILE trial investigated autologous stem cells (ABMNC) to improve 1-year amputation-free survival in these no-option patients. Though overall ABMNC effect was not significant, (P = 0.143), non-Diabetic patients benefitted from cell therapy (P = 0.009, HR = 0.3, CI = 0.12-0.79), as well as Rutherford 4 patients (P = 0.036, HR = 0.29, CI = 0.22-0.36). Diabetic and Rutherford 5 patients saw no reduction in amputation. Among those receiving ABMNC therapy who survived the year
amputation-free, quality of life pain ratings improved for non-Diabetic patients (P < 0.001), stagnated for Diabetic patients (P = 0.21), and both Rutherford 4 and 5 patients improved (P <0.01). Controls did not improve, and no groups were significantly different at baseline. Patients receiving cell therapy had fewer opioid prescriptions (P < 0.01). Cell therapy can meet the urgent need to prevent amputations and reduce opioid requirements for certain no-option CTLI patient

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