2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Lisa Hayes

2020 Annual Meeting Poster: Lisa Hayes

Presentation Title: Tracking the Process of Treatment Seeking in Breast Cancer Patients

Author Name(s): Jennifer Leising1,3, Shangyuan Ma1,3, Lisa Hayes2, Cleveland Shields1,4, Poching DeLaurentis1 , Yuehwern Yih1,3​

Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, Purdue University; 2R.E.D. Alliance, Indianapolis, IN​; 3School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University; 4Department of Human Development & Family Studies, Purdue University

Abstract: Higher mortality in Black versus White breast cancer patients is a historical and continuing problem across the United States, including inIndiana. The cancer incidence rate has converged but the mortality rate has increased in the past decades. Black women are also diagnosed at a later disease stage than White women. This study examines variability in the process of care seeking and care receipt for Black versus White patients. We seek to understand the process through which Black versus White patients obtain screenings and diagnoses and move along the continuum of care through treatment. We will interview Black and White breast cancer survivors to map a care timeline and to identify barriers to care, if any, that impeded their progression through the breast health continuum of care. Our goal is to identify critical paths in the care system and set target performance in those areas to achieve systemic improvement in accessibility and delivery of breast health services. The ultimate goal of this project is to eliminate unnecessary delay and missed opportunities for care, thereby reducing the mortality rate disparity.

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