ACTS 2020 Abstract: Jessica Hall

All IN poster photoAll IN for Health: Encouraging healthy activity throughout the Hoosier state

Jessica Hall, Christine Drury, and Carmel Egan, PhD

Impact: The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s All IN for Health program is dedicated to improving the health of Indiana and its residents by encouraging health research literacy and promoting participation in health research, including clinical studies.


  • To improve and expand health and research literacy throughout Indiana by sharing health-focused resources and research outcomes.
  • To encourage and increase health research participation throughout Indiana by promoting health research opportunities, including clinical studies.


  • Discover and understand community concerns and barriers to good health and clinical research participation by providing a platform for individuals and communities to share their voices.
  • Educate Indiana residents on the importance of participating in health research.
  • Engage with the community to meet them where they are (online) and continue to build relationships throughout the state.
  • Promote healthy living for Indiana residents by sharing health education and resources from existing state health organizations and initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain the largest statewide database of research volunteers.

Anticipated Results: The anticipated results from this program include engagement of all populations and all communities throughout the state in conversation and education around good health and health research, as well as participation in health research across the CTSI’s partner organizations. Large-scale growth is expected in both the online community and consented volunteer registry is expected to include and engage racially and ethnically diverse populations, as well as special health populations, such as representatives of rural communities, aged, rare disease survivors, and transgender individuals.

Discussion: Through this work, the Indiana CTSI has developed a unique program, educating the public about health research and opportunities to participate, while simultaneously supporting research departments with marketing promotion of their efforts, and a ready statewide volunteer community.

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