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Anna Carrera is the research communications manager for Indiana University's Precision Health Initiative, IU School of Medicine Research Affairs and the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. She joined the team in June 2019 after working as a TV news reporter for ten years. She loves sharing stories about the great research being done across the state to improve the health of Hoosiers.

ACTS Abstract: Christine Caldwell

Single IRB and the CTSI: Liaison Model for the IRB Reliance Process Christine Caldwell Navigating the NIH Single IRB Policy has been challenging for investigators, study teams, and Human Research Protection Programs (HRPP). In response, the Indiana Clinical and TranslationalRead More
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ACTS Abstract: Christine Drury

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) – CTSA-wide podcast opportunity Christine Drury and Aaron Carroll, MD, MS Impact: With a current audience of approximately 10,000 listeners, the Indiana Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute sponsored “Healthcare Triage” podcast reaches moreRead More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: April Savoy

Closing the Cross-institutional Referral Loop: Applying Human Factors to Improve Consultation Notes April Savoy Objective: Although referrals for specialty consultations are a core clinical process, they are prone to coordination and communication breakdowns that have led to adverse clinical outcomes. ThisRead More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Sarah Libring

Understanding ECM-Based Drug Resistivity in Breast Cancer Sarah Libring, Aparna Shinde, Miad Boodaghidizaji, Alexandra Plummer, Arezoo Ardekani, Mike Wendt, Luis Solorio Impact: A translatable drug-screening assay, loaded with patient samples and tested against all relevant chemotherapeutics would provide clinicians withRead More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Chen Chen

Phenotypic Characterization of Dysmenorrhea: A Pilot Study Chen X. Chen, PhD, MS, RN, Janet S. Carpenter, PhD, RN, FAAN, Evelyn Toh, PhD, Qunfeng Dong, PhD, Xiang Gao, PhD, MS, David E. Nelson, PhD, Fletcher White, MS, PhD, Smriti Iyengar, PhD, Dennis Fortenberry,Read More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Heba Ismail

Evaluating the Effect of Prebiotics on the Gut Microbiome Profile and Beta-cell Function in Newly-Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes  Heba Ismail, MB BCh, MSc, PhD; Carmella Evans-Molina, MD, PhD; Linda A DiMeglio, MD, MPH; Indiana University School of Medicine Background and Objectives:Read More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Hannah Corman

Investigation of a Series of 1,4-diaryl-pyrazolo-pyridinones as Anti-Leishmanial Agents Hannah Corman, Douglas A Shoue, Bruce J Melancon, Mary Ann McDowell  Impact: The first-line chemotherapies used to treat leishmaniasis are highly toxic intravenous antimonials yet drug resistance has begun to develop, causingRead More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Grant Keller

Determinants of Antigenicity in Tumor Neoepitopes for the Development of Personalized/Multiple Peptide Vaccines Grant Keller, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Harper Cancer Research Institute, University of Notre Dame; Hakimeh Ebrahimi-Nik, Department of Immunology, University of Connecticut School of Medicine;Read More
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ACTS 2020 Abstract: Elmer Sanders

Building a Translational Science pipeline: The Indiana CTSI STEM K-12 Program Elmer Sanders, Vanessa Barth, Leigh-Ann Cruz, Sharon Harrison, Amy Hinshaw, Jacob Olson, Ilesha Sherrer, Elvia Solis, Emily Speidell, James McAteer Impact: The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute K-12Read More

ACTS 2020 Abstract: Andrea Lobene

Twenty-four-hour Urinary Sodium Excretion Estimated from a Spot Urine Sample May Be Used as an Indicator of Intake in CKD Patients Andrea J. Lobene,1 Elizabeth R. Stremke,1 Ranjani N. Moorthi,2 Sharon M. Moe,2 Kathleen M. Hill Gallant1 Objectives/Goals: Sodium (Na)Read More
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