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Anna Carrera is the research communications manager for Indiana University's Precision Health Initiative, IU School of Medicine Research Affairs and the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. She joined the team in June 2019 after working as a TV news reporter for ten years. She loves sharing stories about the great research being done across the state to improve the health of Hoosiers.

ACTS 2020 Abstract: Omolola Adeoye-Olatunde

Positive Deviants for Medication Therapy Management: A Mixed-Methods Comparative Case Study of Community Pharmacy Practices Omolola Adeoye-Olatunde Impact: Findings from this work can 1) promote the successful “T3” translation of effective medication therapy management (MTM) implementation to other community pharmacyRead More
Omolola Olatunde abstract

ACTS 2020 Abstract: Tyler Nguyen

Magneto-electric nanoparticles (MENs) cobalt ferrite-barrium titanate (CoFe2O4–BaTiO3) for non-invasive neuromodulation and its application in neuropathic pain Tyler Nguyen1, Zoë Vriesman2, Peter Andrews2, Sehban Masood3, Tiffanie Stewart4, Sakhrat Khizroev5 & Xiaoming Jin1 Impact: Our study shows, through controlling the applied magneticRead More
Tyler Nguyen abstract

ACTS 2020 Abstract: Guido Espana

Creating synthetic populations to enable realistic simulations of dengue vaccine trials using an agent-based model Guido España, Alex Perkins Every year, dengue viruses cause nearly 100 million clinical episodes world-wide. In 2019, Latin America had its worst recorded outbreak ofRead More
Guido Espana abstract image

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