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photo of a young girl being tempted by tobacco products
The World Health Organization and Connections IN Health are focusing on tobacco use prevention among youth and raising awareness on the importance of how and why the industry seeks to attract young people. We need to be as healthy as Read More
photo of grassy hill with cloudy blue sky
Air pollution is harmful to everyone’s health. It can be especially dangerous for those who have asthma because it can trigger asthma attacks.  Early studies have suggested that high levels of air pollution may be linked to worse outcomes from Read More
photo of woman experiencing stress with hand on head and hand held out with words related to stress all around her
Stress can be an asthma trigger. Here are ways to reduce stress while at home. Practice deep breathing exercises regularly. Learn why breathing exercises are important and how to complete them from the American Lung Association. Exercise every day. If Read More
photo of stuffed bear with asthma medication
Do you find it difficult to cover the cost of your medications? Medications can be very expensive, and you may have to explore options for lowering your cost. Different Medications Ask your medical provider if he or she can prescribe Read More

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