COVID-19 Literature

This study provides useful information about when we can expect antibodies to appear after infection, and how that might be used in future clinical testing. We are still learning about the antibody response in patients infected with COVID-19 This is Read More
In an editorial, UK’s government was criticized for being slow to respond to the pandemic by not following instructive experiences from other countries. China’s aggressive approach to locking down cities has slowed the spread of the virus in its country Read More
In this preliminary uncontrolled case series of 5 critically ill patients with COVID-19 and ARDS, convalescent plasma containing neutralizing antibody showed promising results in treating severe cases. These observations require evaluation in clinical trials. We would really like to have Read More
The DHS designated firearm shop employees essential, while Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts have challenged. The Department of Homeland Security issued guidance recently designated firearm shop employees essential workers. Last week, a split Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied a petition by Read More
This report details why cruises are at significant risk for outbreaks, and no one should be going on one during the COVID-19 pandemic. About 30 million people travel on 272 cruise ships each year worldwide. Cruise ships are a closed Read More
This study explains why long-term care facilities are at high risk for Covid-19 outbreaks and must identify and exclude potentially infected staff and visitors, actively monitor for potentially infected patients, and implement appropriate infection prevention and control measures. On February Read More
This study comparing patients who died from COVID to those who recovered details some laboratory values that are more/less common as well as the most common complications. This study compared the clinical characteristics of 113 patients who died from COVID Read More
Local law enforcement in Florida and Illinois have arrested individuals for endangering others during the outbreak. A pastor of a Tampa Bay-area megachurch was arrested and jailed by the local sheriff for holding two large live Sunday services at his Read More
Multiple states (including TX, RI, MA, FL) have adopted policies restricting travel into their states from outbreak hot spots. While Texas has not yet adopted a state-wide shelter-in-place policy, they have established a policy ordering a 14-day self-quarantine for any Read More
This study investigated the case fatality rate (CFR) among confirmed COVID-19 cases (N=22,512) in Italy, using Italian National Institute of Health surveillance data up to March 17, 2020. The overall fatality rate of persons with confirmed COVID-19 in the Italian Read More

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