Engagement and Quality of Life in Under Represented Older Adults2021-02-19T15:48:33-05:00

Project Lead: Ellen Brown, Senior Service Director, Catholic Charities Indianapolis, Senior Companion Program
Project Lead: Mary Guerriero Austrom, Wesley P Martin Professor, Alzheimer’s Disease Education, IU School of Medicine
Co-Project Lead: Hugh C. Hendrie, Professor of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine, Center for Aging Research
Co-Project Lead: Karen Hanson, Catholic Charities, Indianapolis
This project has three aims, to: 1) identify the elements of participation in the Senior Companion Program (SCP) by urban, poor, traditionally underrepresented groups that lead to positive outcomes in psychological wellbeing, physical health and quality of life; 2) determine elements of the SCP that helped create success in Senior Companions (SC) and 3) test the acceptability of the NIH Toolbox emotional questionnaire in this elderly population. The desired outcome is to identify the elements of the SCP that produces the most favorable outcomes for both SC and clients.
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