Mid-North Health Matters: Reducing Obesity in Mapleton-Fall Creek

Mid-North Health Matters: Reducing Obesity in Mapleton-Fall Creek2021-02-19T15:07:57-05:00

Project Lead: Susan B. Hyatt, Associate Professor, Anthropology, School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI
Co- Project Lead: Leigh Riley Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Mapleton-Fall Creek Community Development Corporation
Variation in life expectancy is one indicator of social inequality. Residents of Carmel, IN can expect to live almost 84 years, while those of Mapleton-Fall Creek (MFC) in Indianapolis can expect 69.4 – 74.4 years. One reason is the prevalence of chronic diseases, many of which are linked to obesity. This project’s goal is to involve students in projects to reduce obesity in MFC. Plans include: 1) Assisting with interventions addressing healthy eating and physical activity; 2) Using ethnographic methods to assess residents’ greatest barriers to increasing physical activity and eating healthier; 3) Creating mapping tools for residents to locate healthy resources.

Erin Donovan, Leigh Riley-Evans, Wendy Vogt & Susan Hyatt at the Trailblazer Symposium

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