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2017 Trailblazer Symposium

Showcasing 2015 Trailblazer Award Recipients

[WATCH] Opening Remarks,  Anantha Shekhar, Director of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Fostering Community Maternal Health Advocates: A Pilot Study, Lisa Crane & David Bell
And the Patients Say… Exploring Patients’ Perceptions towards Shared Medical Appointments, Carol Weiss-Kennedy & Priscilla Barnes
Community-Based Adapted Group Yoga for People with Stroke or Acquired Brain Injury: Efficacy and Feasibility, Kristine Miller & Carol Hanna
Development of a Mobile Application for Children and Teens in a Community-Based Weight Management Program, Lesa Huber, Carol Weiss-Kennedy, Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin, Katherine Connelly, & (Will Spina)
Mid-North Health Matters: Reducing Obesity in Mapleton-Fall Creek, Leigh Evans, Susan Hyatt & (Wendy Vogt)
Achieving a Better Understanding of the Impact of Sickle Cell in Indiana, Gary Gibson, Monica Khurana & Marc Rosenman
Enhancing IHB-FIMR Data to Stimulate Fetal and Infant Mortality Reduction strategies in Marion County, Teri Conard & Carol Shieh
Know Your Numbers 46041 Evaluation and Expansion, Lorra Archibald, Vicki Simpson & (Libbi Smith)
Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Through Improved Data Workflow Integration, Mindi Dugard, Ella Harmeyer & (Waldo Mikels-Carrasco)
The Northwest Area Food Forest Project to Address Childhood Obesity, Cindy Stone, Brandon Crosby & (Alice Guynn)
An Evaluation of the Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative Project: Identification of the Level of Support Needed to Optimize Implementation of Nutrition and Physical Activity “Best Practices” in the Child Care Setting, Marta Fetterman & Carol Friesen
Engagement and Quality of Life in Under Represented Older Adults
Ellen Brown, Hugh Hendrie, Karen Hanson & Mary Austrom
Optimizing the Care of Chronic Conditions with an Adverse Drug Reaction Event Side Effect Screener, Matthew Murawski and Harry Webb
[WATCH] Closing Remarks, Ann Alley, Director of the Office of Primary Care, Indiana State Department of Health

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