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The Indiana CTSI Global Health Program addresses domestic and global health issues for underserved populations by bringing together research and expertise from our three vibrant Global Health Centers at Indiana University, University of Notre Dame, and Purdue University.

Each of our Global Health Centers brings a unique expertise that makes the Indiana CTSI Global Health Program a world-class leader in serving health needs of underserved populations across the world.

Indiana University Center for Global Health

Indiana University (IU) has achieved historic and globally-praised success in global health through partnerships in Kenya, Honduras, Mexico, Botswana, China, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Liberia, Jamaica and other underserved areas. The Indiana University Center for Global Health is poised to build upon our international leadership position in this burgeoning field and expand collaborations within our institution. Its approach to furthering the health of underserved populations is based on over 20 years of action and reflection in this area.
Learn more about IU’s Global Health Center here.

University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health

The University of Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health is built on a rich, 15-year history of partnering with the Haitian Ministry of Health and has established global health partnerships in 15 countries.  Researchers at the Eck Institute for Global Health work to address epidemiology of infectious and chronic diseases, malaria, Dengue, control of neglected tropical diseases and more.  Notre Dame’s Eck Institute is also a world leader in vector research and is home to VectorBase and VecNET.
Learn more about Notre Dame’s Global Health Institute here.

Purdue University Center for Global Research & Intervention in Infection Diseases (C-GRIID)

Purdue University’s C-GRIID is renown for infectious disease research within Indiana and throughout the globe.  C-GRIID researchers partner with Universities and industry in the areas of vaccines, vectors, pathogenesis, therapeutics, diagnostics, and modeling to tackle global health needs.
Learn more about Purdue University C-GRIID here.

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