PEAKS Workshop

February 12, 2020 – February 13, 2020 all-day America/Indiana/Indianapolis Timezone
IU School of Medicine, Room MS A515
635 Barnhill Drive
Indianapolis, IN, USA

The PEAKS Training workshop will be in Indianapolis on February 12 and 13. This event is for both new and experienced users of PEAKS. The workshop aims to demonstrate the logic and algorithms used in PEAKS to allow users to understand how the software can be applied to various research topics & applications. Participants of the course can expect to increase their knowledge of LC-MS/MS data analysis and result validation upon completion of the course.

Each day, sessions will run from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm and include the following topics:

1. Protein / Peptide Identification with PEAKS

  • RT prediction enhanced peptide de novo sequencing
  • Peptide-feature-based database search
  • PTM and sequence variance search
  • In-depth analysis with ion-mobility LC-MS

2. DIA Data Analysis

  • Direct Sequence Database Search
  • Spectrum Library Search
  • de novo Sequencing

3. Protein / Peptide Quantification with PEAKS

  • Label-free Quantification
  • TMT and iTRAQ

4. PEAKS Online for High-throughput (Upon Request)

  • Key Features of New Online Solution
  • Data Analysis with Thousands of Samples
  • Deep Learning Enhanced Solutions for DIA Data Analysis

5. Therapeutic Protein Characterization (Upon Request)

  • Protein de novo Sequencing
  • Peptide Mapping and Protein Isoforms
  • Identification of Glycosylation and Disulfide Bond

Cost is $400. Registration information is available here.

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