Healthy Holiday Tips 

Healthy Holiday Tips 

November 15, 2023

Image shows a cornucopia with various squashes and pumpkinsMayo isn’t just a condiment you place on a turkey sandwich; the Mayo Clinic has your back when it comes to maintaining a healthy holiday season! See below some quick ideas on how to maintain your healthy habits throughout the holidays, or head here to learn even more! 


  1. Embrace eating in. Preparing meals at home can save you money and calories! Try to fill your plate with a rainbow of foods to get a variety of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. 
  2. Eat breakfast. Not only will eating breakfast kickstart your metabolism for the day, it will also feed your brain so you can be productive.
  3. Save the juice for a splurge. Many juices are high in calories from the sugar they contain.  Eating a whole piece of fruit will save you on calories and give your body fiber too!
  4. Stay active. As the holidays approach, weather can keep you from being active outside and holiday gatherings often provide opportunities to eat and drink more calories.  It is important to find activities you enjoy to be active even during winter months.
  5. Strive for balance. Holiday time can be stressful with planning and traveling and visiting with people you haven’t seen since last year.  Getting adequate sleep, eating well and moving regularly will help you handle the hustle and bustle of the busy season. 
  1. When in doubt, ask an expert. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your health or want to start a new routine, consider consulting your medical provider prior to making any major changes for the new year.  

Most importantly, enjoy this holiday season with loved ones!  

If you are looking for more resources to enjoy a healthy holiday season, here is another article to read, 8 tips for celebrating without sabotaging.   

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