ICYMI – The COVID-19 week in review (May 8, 2020).

ICYMI – The COVID-19 week in review (May 8, 2020).

This will be an ongoing, weekly post that will highlight the things you should have read (at least in MY opinion).

Articles you might have missed:

  1. Three potential futures for Covid-19: recurring small outbreaks, a monster wave, or a persistent crisis, by Sharon Begley at STAT News. Sharon has been one of the shining starts in reporting on this pandemic. This is an update to a previous must-read way back at the beginning.
  2. Find a Vaccine. Next: Produce 300 Million Vials of It. by Knvul Sheikh at the NYT. We’re having enough trouble making millions of tests and the supplies needed to run them. Making billions of vaccines in a rush will be a massive undertaking. We need to plan now.
  3. Doctors Without Patients: ‘Our Waiting Rooms Are Like Ghost Towns’, by Reed Abelson at the NYT. Small physician practices are being crushed by the pandemic.
  4. What’s Behind South Korea’s COVID-19 Exceptionalism? by Derek Thompson at The Atlantic. How South Korea suppressed its outbreak and maintained a much more normal existence.
  5. The Problem With Stories About Dangerous Coronavirus Mutations, by Ed Yong at The Atlantic. You’ve heard stories about strains of the virus. Ed Yong explains what it all means.

Documents for your review:

What I’m reading:

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