Indiana CTSI coordinates funding opportunities for COVID-19 research

April 15, 2020

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is serving as the coordinating center for Indiana University and IU School of Medicine research related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty and staff, across the CTSI, are working together to provide and share resources, expertise and information as quickly as possible, in support of IU researchers (plus researchers at Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame, wherever possible) in the conduct of studies designed to help treat, prevent and protect the public from this little-known and sometimes deadly coronavirus, that results from testing positive for COVID-19.

A key piece of research is funding, as such, the Indiana University Office of Research Administration (ORA) is continuously vetting all funding opportunities related to COVID-19 research and making them available to researchers. Please visit the COVID-19 webpage on the Indiana CTSI website to find all of the vetted funding opportunities for research.

  • The page specifically includes opportunities for pilot funding from the Indiana CTSI.
  • There are also several NIH funding opportunities available, so be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the linked page.
  • Other funding opportunities from a variety of organizations – thoroughly vetted by the ORA – are provided in the third link.

Please be sure and bookmark the COVID-19 related pages on the Indiana CTSI website and check back often, as opportunities including news and information, education and a variety of resources, including funding are being posted several times per week.

Should you have questions related to research funding, please contact Amy Wright, Director of Research Services, Research Administration and Finance Team at

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