Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition (InJAC) Shares Resources

April 5, 2021

Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition Logo Since 2003, the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition has been helping to reduce the burden of asthma in Indiana through:

· Coordinating the development and implementation of the strategic plan for addressing asthma in Indiana

· Providing asthma-related trainings and presentations across the state to healthcare professionals, schools, non-profit organizations, hospitals, local health departments, and partner agencies

· Working cooperatively and constructively with Indiana’s Asthma Program at the Indiana State Department of Health and other state agencies

· Increasing public awareness of asthma as a serious chronic disease and on improving the knowledge and skills of patients regarding the detection, treatment, and control of asthma, particularly among high-risk populations

Our Resources Available Include the Following:

The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition offers Asthma Education for the Community Health Worker

This free online training was launched in 2020 and is a partnership with the Indiana Community Health Workers Association (INCHWA), and the Association of Asthma Educators. The curriculum includes five evidence-based modules, pre and post-tests, videos, and downloadable resources. Those who complete all modules will receive a certificate of completion. Registrants will receive free training manuals while they last.

To register click here.

Module topics include:

    1. The Scope of Asthma
    2. Triggers and Environmental Control
    3. Medications
    4. Medicatio Delivery Services
    5. Assessment and Monitoring

Free digital booklets about asthma

Mobissues are resources that combine evidence-based information in easy to use and quick accessible format that you can share widely. With topics ranging from Asthmatics and COVID-19 to how to safely use nebulizers and inhalers, these books are ready for sharing! Nine issues are currently available for viewing.

Asthma Toolkits for Schools

The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition provided Asthma & Allergy Foundation Toolkits to 145 schools throughout Indiana at the height of the pandemic. The toolkits featured a 38- page booklet that included asthma action plans in both English and Spanish, disposable medical face masks and hand washing stickers (masks and stickers no longer available). The booklets are available online.

 InJAC Resource Page

The Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition resource page is filled with helpful information and links to a variety of informative articles about asthma.

Please join InJAC for our quarterly meetings to find out more about what we are up to and make connections. You can find meeting minutes and agendas here to get an idea of what is available during the meetings.

Asthma Summit Coming Summer 2021

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Asthma Summit being put together by the Indiana Department of Health and the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition. This will be a free event with speakers and resources about asthma in Indiana and how to we can move forward in reducing the burden of asthma in Indiana.

To get involved please contact Courtney Stewart, Lead of the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition at

Visit the Connections IN Health home page to subscribe to news, find out about our mission, programs, and impact.

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