Medical students complete community-engaged summer research

September 19, 2023

Six students completed the Indiana University Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) with Community Health Partnerships (CHeP) this summer. They got hands on experience with the principles of community-engaged research and applied them to their projects under the guidance of community-engaged researcher mentors. The research projects completed by the students included a clinic-based intervention to address food insecurity, an analysis of the reimbursement rates for community health workers in Indiana, an evaluation of a nutritional intervention with elementary-aged children, a review of nutrition incentive programs implemented by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and an exploration of the factors that influence Black women’s decisions to participate in breast cancer clinical trials.

The CHeP IMPRS program is a great way to provide experience and exposure to the benefits of partnering with patients and community organizations to address pressing health research questions. This type of work is something students may not normally have built into their school curriculum and is critically important for addressing our greatest health challenges such as health justice and equity.

See below for the list of project titles and click this link to view the posters summarizing the great work these students did this summer!


Indiana has among the lowest reimbursement rates in the country for community health workers.

Students: Kylie Wertz, Julia Amstutz

Mentor: Dr. Debra Litzelman


The Impact of Scratch Meal Services on Elementary Student Health Behaviors.

Student: Karmyn Kissling

Mentor: Dr. Tamara Hannon


A Review of SNAP Nutrition Incentive Programs

Student: Dylan Sogocio

Mentor: Dr. Dennis Savaiano


Interventions in the Clinic to Address Food Insecurity

Student: Toria Tucker

Mentor: Dr. Dennis Savaiano


Previously undiscovered legacy norm may be a driving factor in Black women’s decision to participate in breast cancer clinical trials

Student: Kaitlyn Reif

Mentor: Dr. Katherine E. Ridley-Merriweather


To learn more about these projects, or to connect with the student researchers directly email us at If you are interested in being a community-engaged mentor, please submit your information at this link.

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