Obesity research the focus of Indiana CTSI spring retreat at IU Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA — Researchers and the public are welcome to attend the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s (CTSI) spring retreat at Indiana University Bloomington, focused on curbing obesity in the state.

IU Bloomington campus in spring

Spring at IU Bloomington (Eric Rudd/Indiana University)

This year’s event, titled “Addressing the Obesity Problem in Rural Indiana: New Paradigms, Research, Directions and Opportunities to Improve Health Outcomes in Indiana Communities,” will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 24, in Franklin Hall, 601 E. Kirkwood Avenue in Bloomington. It will include lectures by top researchers and government officials from IU, the Indiana State Department of Health, The Ohio State University, Louisiana State University and the National Institutes of Health.

Download the full agenda.

The Indiana CTSI IU Bloomington Retreat is free to registered attendees. Contact Bloomington CTSI navigator Joel Ybe to reserve your seat.

On the day of the event, complimentary parking passes will be provided upon request at the registration table for those who do not currently have an IU parking tag. If you already have an IUPUI or affiliated IU campus parking tag, this parking tag will work on the IU Bloomington campus, and you do not need a complimentary tag. Suggested parking is in the Henderson Garage, 310 S. Fess Avenue (located on Fess Avenue between Atwater Avenue and Third Street). Street parking is available at attendees’ own expense.

About the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

The Indiana CTSI brings together the state’s brightest minds to solve Indiana’s most pressing health challenges through research. The institute is a statewide research partnership among Indiana University, Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame and numerous life sciences businesses and community organizations designed to speed discoveries that improve health to people. The Indiana CTSI engages with the public at every level of research from basic science to patient care. It is a statewide institute supported by a Clinical and Translational Science Award from the NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

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