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The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) offers a rich list of services and tools to enable clinical and translational research at IU, Purdue and Notre Dame.

  • Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Provides researchers, educators, administrators, and community members access to interdisciplinary expertise on ethical, social, and policy issues in translational science.
    Director: Peter SchwartzManager: Tah Yogo
  • Biomedical Engineering and Nanomedicine (BEAN) Provides technical, pre-clinical, and industrial support to enhance medical device development and accelerate the progress of these products towards clinical implementation.
    Director: George Wodicka; Manager: Kitty Cooper
  • Clinical Research Centers (CRC) Provides services to investigators engaged in clinical research studies that involve inpatient or outpatient visits. This includes access to clinical space, equipment, skilled nursing, and nutrition services. CRC services are available at University Hospital, Goodman Hall Neuroscience Center, and Riley Hospital for Children.
    Director: Scott Denne; Operations Manager: Laurie Trevino
  • Office of Clinical Research (OCR): Provides a single point of entry for clinical trials. Services include industry contract management, budgeting, and clinical trials management through OnCORE.
    Interim Director: David Louden
  • Community Health Partnerships (CHeP) Promotes collaboration among researchers, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders to create academic-community partnerships. CHeP supports a statewide network to leverage local resources and communicate research findings to the public.
    Director: Sarah Wiehe; Manager: Gina Claxton
  • Global Health Program Addresses domestic and global health issues for underserved populations by bringing together research and expertise from our three vibrant Global Health Centers.
    Director: Kara Wools-Kaloustian; Associate Director: David Plater; Manager: Rishika Chauhan O’Brien
  • Indiana Biobank Is one of three Indiana CTSI Biobank Partners. The Indiana Biobank Provides a robust collection of high-quality biological samples linked to electronic medical record data to accelerate translational research. Partners include IU Health, Eskenazi Health and other clinical centers throughout Indiana.
    Director: Tatiana Foroud; Manager: Brooke Patz
  • Indiana Center for Biomedical Innovation (ICBI) Acts as an “Incubator” by providing a collaborative environment and fully-equipped lab space to investigators and private companies with the goal of moving discoveries into commercial products.
    Director: Jaipal Singh
  • SERVE Research Recruitment Works to promote research literacy to the public and provides investigators access to clinical trial volunteers. SERVE also hosts the online All IN for Health Volunteer Registry for health research and clinical trial volunteers.
    Director: Brenda Hudson; All IN for Health Director: Jessica Hall
  • Regulatory Knowledge Support (RKS) Program Provides information and guidance on federal, state and local human subjects’ research regulations, as well as assistance streamlining the protocol submission and review processes.
    Director: Scott Denne; Manager: Christine Caldwell
  • Tracking and Evaluation Program Assists the Indiana CTSI programs and investigators with developing and implementing evaluation systems to identify and track metrics, seek input from stakeholders, and analyze results that ensure Program and project impact.
    Director: Joe Hunt; Manager: Neil Stout
  • Translational Informatics Program Provides access to clinical EMR data from health systems within Indiana (e.g. INPC, IU Health Center); Biobank specimens; secure clinical and research data management and storage; clinical research tools; and data analytics resources.
    Directors: Peter Embi, Umberto Tachinardi;
    Chief Research Information Officer: Jeremy Harper; Manager: Anna Roberts
  • Translational Research Development is your one-stop-shop to access all of our Indiana CTSI Resources, including multidisciplinary research expertise; Translational Development Teams; biostatistics; IRB/Regulatory Knowledge; bioethicists; nursing; and financial support at any phase of your project.
    Director: Scott Denne; Associate Director: Tammy Sajdyk; Managers: Lane Coffee, Julie Driscoll

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