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Our team provides educational resources on bioethics topics as well as our Responsible Conduct of Research Training.

We work with both internal and external partners to develop user-friendly education to address your team’s specific needs.

TREATs Talks

Our Translational Research Ethics Applied Topics (TREATs) Talks – are live, 30 minutes talks that feature occasional guest lecturers. TREATs Talks include Powerpoint slides, followed by questions and answers session.
TREATs Talks are held once a month!

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Courses in Responsible Conduct of Research taught by BSAP faculty: 

GRDM-G504 -Introduction to Research Ethics (2-3cr.)*  – Introduction to the basic concepts of research ethics. The course covers historical development of concern with ethics in science as well as practical information needed by students working in science today. Format will be lecture and discussion.
As an alternative to GRDM – G504, the BSAP faculty recently created GRDM-G506, Responsible Conduct of Translational Research, a one-credit course that has now been approved to be offered for the first time in Spring 2017.
GRDM – G506 – Responsible Conduct of Translational Research (1 credit) –  This one-credit course provides a basic introduction to RCR related to translational research and fulfills the NIH requirements for instruction in RCR for trainees and students in this area.  The course is team taught by faculty members of the Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program (BSAP) of the Indiana CTSI.  This one credit course may be more appropriate than the two- or three-credit G504 course for trainees who are not pursuing a graduate degree or do not need the credits in ethics towards their degree. Finally, GRDM 506 will focus on topics in translational and precision health research, fitting the focus of many CTSI trainees.   Students in this class will develop an interest in and a positive attitude toward lifelong learning in matters of scientific integrity and the responsible conduct of research or other profession. Click link for course syllabus.

As an alternative to G504, the BSAP faculty recently created GRDM 506, Responsible Conduct of Translational Research, a one-credit course that has now been approved to be offered for the first time in Spring 2017.
Learn more about the Responsible Conduct of Research Courses!

Pediatric Research Ethics Seminar Series

In collaboration with Children’s Health Services Research and the Department of Pediatrics, BSAP created the Pediatric Research Ethics Seminar Series (PRESS) in 2014.
PRESS meets five times per year to cover topics in research ethics relevant to fellows and other trainees in pediatrics.  Fellows present on topics relevant to their own studies, partnering with a BSAP faculty member.
PRESS has covered cutting edge ethics topics in pediatrics, including:

  • Confidentiality, consent and big-data research.
  • Pediatric risk and comparative effectiveness research.
  • Clinical trials in neonates.
  • Undue influence in pediatric global health research.

Learn more about the Pediatric Seminar Series in Research Ethics!


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