Reciprocal Innovation – Community-based Caregiver Training Intervention for Children with Autism2022-05-03T06:35:42-04:00

Community-based Caregiver Training Intervention for Children with Autism

Principal Investigator Dr. Megan McHenry
International Collaborator(s) Eren Oyungu
Barnabus Kigen
Asha Felicita Wangeci
Project Type Planning Grant
Project Title  Community-based Caregiver Training Intervention for Children with Autism
Priority Area  Access to healthcare;Infant and maternal health
The Intervention Planning grant to build and team and intervention to support caregivers of children with autism.
Key Facilitators This intervention is planned to be implemented within families attending the child neurology and psychiatry clinics at MTRH, as well as the autism hub sites in Indiana. With Drs. Oyungu and Wangeci leading the project in Kenya and Drs. Becca McNally-Keehn and Mandy Rispoli in Indiana, we have excellent support and facilitators to implement this intervention on a pilot scale. With the planned future pediatric neurodevelopmental centre at MTRH, there is a high likelihood it can be integrated into clinical care.
Target Population Families with children living with autism, referred for care at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.
Process to Implementation Planning stages
Key Stakeholders
Scaled or Transferred? N/A
Type of Research  Planning Grant
Published Materials  Nothing published yet. Interview with Dr.s Kigen and Wangeci during their trip to IU was performed by Deb Ungar, with photos. We used information gathered from this visit to inform an RI pilot project we have submitted to the Indiana CTSI.
Year Funded 2021

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