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The Diagnostics & Therapeutic Development Project Development Team (PDT) provides expertise in the area of drug discovery and some associated aspects of diagnostics.

Expertise in appropriate areas is provided by the PDT’s broad membership, which includes faculty members from Notre Dame, Indiana University Bloomington, and Purdue. Feedback from the PDT to proposal writers will be provided to further strengthen the proposal with the goal of making them more competitive for external funding or commercialization.
While the primary emphasis of this PDT is providing guidance, a relatively small amount of seed funding may be available in those cases in which the PDT foresees that preliminary results would be especially beneficial in seeking external funding.

Our PDT expertise includes:

  • the progression of a typical drug discovery and development effort:,
  • identification and modeling of a druggable cellular target
  • design and synthesis of potential drug molecules
  • assay of activity of potential drugs, including high-throughput screening when appropriate
  • pharmacology and pharmacokinetics
  • cellular and whole organism imaging
  • animal models
  • intellectual property
  • regulatory affairs
  • small business and corporate matters
  • diagnostic devices

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