Review: Information and disinformation: Social media in the COVID-19 crisis

Review: Information and disinformation: Social media in the COVID-19 crisis

This commentary focuses on the need for health care workers to be social media leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media has several benefits, especially for frontline health care workers. The use of social media allows for the timely dissemination of new information to these vital workers who can then use the information to communicate with patients and other laypeople. Additionally, social media allows health care providers and systems to identify trends and prepare for surges. Even with these benefits, it is important to recognize the limitations of social media as well. For example, the massive amount of information available on social media creates difficulty in filtering information. It also allows for significant influencers to spread information rapidly, regardless of its accuracy. Because social media is being used more now than ever before, it is essential for health care providers to be leaders not only on the front lines of the crisis but also in social media.

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About the Author: Maria Brann

Maria Brann
Dr. Maria Brann, PhD, MPH, is a professor in the Department of Communication Studies in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI and affiliate faculty with the Injury Control Research Center at West Virginia University. She explores the integration of health, interpersonal, and gender communication. Her translational focus and mixed methods approach are woven throughout her health vulnerabilities research, which advocates for more effective communication to improve people’s health and safety. Her primary research interests focus on the study of women’s and ethical issues in health communication contexts and promotion of healthy lifestyle behaviors to improve personal and public health and safety. She researches communication at both the micro and macro levels and studies how communication influences relationships among individuals and with the social world.

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