Center for Medical Genomics (CMG)

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Center for Medical Genomics (CMG)

Center for Medical Genomics (CMG)


IU School of Medicine


Yunlong Liu, PhD.


The Center for Medical Genomics is a state-of-the-art technology center that provides investigators with affordable access to high-quality high-throughput genomics services in a timely fashion. Key services include:

High-throughput sequencing
The CMG provides full scale high-throughput sequencing services, including genomic DNA sequencing, transcriptome RNA sequencing, miRNA sequencing, methylome or targeted methylation sequencing, protein DNA/RNA interaction (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and CLIP-seq), as well as 10x single cell or single nuclei sequencing. CMG staff have experience in conducting sequencing experiments from standard samples, blood samples, low quantity samples (minimum 1ng total RNA), and low quality or degraded samples (from FFPE or micro-dissection). Our staff can work with investigators on adopting/developing other assays that require high-throughput sequencing technology. Next Generation Sequencing instrumentation at the center includes:

  • Illumina NovaSeq
  • Illumina HiSeq 4000
  • Illumina NextSeq 500
  • Illumina MiSeq Dx
  • LifeTech Ion Proton sequencing system
  • Methylation studies

  • Allele-specific gene expression

  • Next generation sequencing: RNA-seq, DNA-seq (whole exome, resequencing, whole genome), ChIP-seq, methylation

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