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Research Jam

Research Jam


IU School of Medicine / CTSI / IUPUI


Sarah Wiehe, MD, MPH

Associate Scientific Director:

William Bennett, MD

Associate Director of Operations:

Gina Claxton, MPH, RD


Research Jam is an interdisciplinary team of healthcare, research, and design professionals. The team uses human-centered design research to collaborate with doctors, patients, and community members in an effort to ensure that health research, interventions, and communications are more relevant to the community they aim to serve. By engaging stakeholders in a co-design process, they are able to assist clients with recruitment strategies, study retention, protocol compliance, dissemination of findings, patient decision making tools and discovering patient-centered outcomes. Research Jam also includes visual communication and design services that allows for translation of findings and recommendations into figures for grants, posters, brochures, patient interface designs, video story boards, educational material, websites, and more.

  • Research Jam develops and facilitates in-person or virtual sessions using human-centered design to engage stakeholders in exploring a problem space, creating a solution or testing a prototype. Collaborative sessions allow for stakeholders to build-off of the ideas of others and create a sense of community with one another.

  • Research Jam creates physical or virtual workbooks that allow stakeholders to provide their perspectives and expertise independently through journaling activities. Workbooks allow stakeholders to engage with us when transportation or topic area create a barrier to participation in a group setting.

  • Research Jam creates physical or virtual toolkits that allow stakeholders to provide their perspectives and expertise independently through activities such as submitting videos, audio recordings, photographs, and other hands-on activities. Toolkits allow stakeholders to show aspects of their daily lives and environments.

  • Research Jam also helps with cognitive interview development, ethnographic research, and stand-alone activity boards for engaging the public out in the community.

  • Design services are offered through Research Jam to provide visual communication assistance when there is not a need for further stakeholder engagement. These range from simple to complex projects with a specialization in figures for grant proposals to quickly communicate complex project ideas or scientific concepts.

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