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Transgenic & Knock-Out Mouse Core

Affiliation :  Indiana University Simon Cancer Center

Director:   Loren Field, Ph.D.


The Transgenic & Knock-Out Mouse Core provides services for the timely and cost-efficient production of transgenic mice and knockout mice (CRISPR) via pronuclear injection for use in basic science research at Indiana University. The Core also provides services for embryo and sperm cryopreservation, recovery and storage.  The facility also provides advice concerning construction of transgenic and gene targeting constructs, animal breeding and maintenance of the resulting mouse colonies. The Transgenic & Knock-Out Mouse Core is located in the Biotechnology Research and Training Center, located one-mile north of the main medical school campus.

Policies: Contact Information:
Hanying Chen M.D
Email This Core
(317) 278-0163

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