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Vector Production Facility (IUVPF)

Vector Production Facility (IUVPF)

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Affiliation :  IU School of Medicine

Director:   Daniela Bischof


IUVPF produces retroviral and lentiviral vectors for both pre-clinical and FDA Phase I/II human gene therapy clinical trials.

Services Offered:
  • Generation of retroviral master cell banks (GMP grade)
  • Manufacturing of master cell banks used for lentiviral productions (GMP grade)
  • GMP-comparable / engineering run lentiviral (min. 10 L) and retroviral products
  • Clinical / GMP grade retroviral (~18 L) and lentiviral vectors (10 to 60 L)
Contact Information:
Daniela Bischof
Email This Core
(317) 278-6518

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