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Indiana University Cyclotron Operations (IUCO)

Affiliation(s):  IU Bloomington

Director:   Dr. Peter Johnstone


The Indiana University Cyclotron Facility (IUCF) is a multidisciplinary laboratory performing research and development in the areas of accelerator physics, nuclear physics, materials science, radiation biophysics, radiation biology and medical applications of accelerators.

Services Offered:
  • The Radiation Effects Research Program (RERP) makes proton beam available for research and testing purposes
  • Engineering Services
  • Electronic and Mechanical Device Prototyping and Fabrication
  • Proton Therapy development and testing facility
Keywords for this Core:
sesame, rerp, accelerator physics, medical physics, instrumentation development, proton radiation, engineering, technology development, single event upset, radiation effects, cyclotron, accelerator, manufacture, fabrication

Contact Information:
Barbara von Przewoski
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(812) 855-2913

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