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Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF)

Affiliation :  Notre Dame

Director:   Bradley D. Smith, Ph D.


The Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF) is a state-of-the-art research core that makes available to the Notre Dame science and engineering community, as well as external customers, an integrated suite of sophisticated microscopes and imaging stations. The NDIIF also provides resident professional staff (three Ph.D.-level imaging specialists and two technicians) to guide the non-expert users. The technical staff of the NDIIF are physically located with the instrumentation at three sites on the campus of the University of Notre Dame: basement of Stinson-Remick Hall (emphasis on electron microscopy), basement in Galvin Life Sciences (emphasis on optical microscopy and in vivo imaging), and Freimann Life Sciences Center (histology). The NDIIF is integrated in several important ways. First, the facility houses imaging machines that can accommodate imaging scales ranging from small living animals (centimeters) to molecules (nanometers). Second, the NDIIF enables investigators from various science and engineering disciplines to work on emerging projects in biomedical science and engineering, life sciences, advanced materials, and nanotechnology. To briefly summarize its capabilities, the NDIIF houses and supports: Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FEI, Magellan), Dual Source Focused Ion Beam (FEI, Helios), Transmission Electron Microscopes (FEI, Titan; JEOL 2011); Deconvolution Fluorescence Microscope (Deltavison), Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope (Nikon), One and Two-photon Confocal Microscope (Nikon A1R and C2), Planar Optical Animal Imaging Stations (Caliper IVIS 200, Bruker Xtreme Multispectral with X-ray and AMI spectral imaging), Micro-CT Animal Imaging Station (Bioscan and ScanCo VivaCT80), PET/SPECT/CT (Albira), ICON 1T MRI (Bruker), MARS spectral CT, plus a full histology suite.

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