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Bone and Body Composition Core

Affiliation :  Purdue University

Director:   Connie Weaver, Ph D.
Co-Deputy Director:   Lilian Plotkin, PhD
Co-Deputy Director:   Kathleen Hill Gallant, Ph D.


The Bone and Body Composition Core provides services and methods of determining bone density, bone geometry and body composition in humans and small animals, as well as histology services. The core includes the GE/Lunar iDXA for clinical scans of total body, hip, spine and forearm for body composition and bone density. It also has a Stratek XCT 2000 (peripheral quantitative computed tomography or pQCT) for trabecular and cortical data primarily for forearms and lower legs. The core also provides histological services for basic science research. Both mineralized (plastic embedded) and soft tissue (paraffin embedded) specimens can be prepared. The core includes equipment for small animal bone imagery and evaluation such as a micro-computed tomography for 3D reconstructions of small bones and other solid materials. It has a DEXA (PIXImus) for small animal bone and body composition, as well as, an ECHO MRI for precise body composition measurements of fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in live animals. For histology, the core provides technical services and includes tissue processors, microtomes, and several microscopes with software for capturing histomorphometric measurements. The core can provide training and access to these machines.

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Pamela Lachcik, LATG, MS
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