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Histology Research Laboratory (HRL)

Affiliation :  Purdue University – Center for Comparative Translational Research – College of Veterinary Medicine

Director:   Tiffany Lyle, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Website:  http://www.vet.purdue.edu/ctr/histology/

The Histology Research Laboratory is a full service histology laboratory that provides general histology, immunohistochemistry, frozen sectioning, decalcified and undecalcified bone histology, and slide digitization services. It also manages a large and small animal necropsy room. The laboratory may collaborate with investigators in the development of new techniques and in the characterization of animal models (e.g. phenotyping of genetically altered mice). Expertise in the processing of bone and implants is available.

Policies: Contact Information:
Victor Bernal, BS, HTL
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(765) 494-9676

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