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Preclinical Histology Core (PHC)

Affiliation(s):  ICVBM/Cardiology/Cancer

Assistant Director:   Pamela Rogers
Director:   George Sandusky


PHC will provide necropsy, histology and pathology support to researchers who use cell lines, xenografts, animal models, and human tissues in their research at various biosafety levels. Individual attention to protocol and technique development,as well as optimizing challenging preclinical scenarios with respect to histology and staining, allows this core to offer individualized services for research and development.\\r\\n\\r\\nPHC provides a researcher with the unique opportunity to design and plan a study which optimizes the best animal model, research protocol, tissue procurement, specimen handling and finally histology. Most errors start with designing a study expecting histology to answer the research objectives. Pre-discussion of histology techniques, specimen preservation details, and supportive blood or fluid samples are all criticial in producing the overall evaluation. Involvement of the PHC in developing the research plan will ultimately decrease errors and improve your research outcomes!

Services Offered:
  • Complete necropsy, histology and pathology services. Slide interpretation, pathology reports and summaries available by board certified pathologist.
  • Study protocol development and consultation with an emphasis on correct histological endpoints.
  • Theoretical, multimedia and practical training in histological and necropsy techniques.
  • Necropsy and histology supplies available for purchase.
  • Routine and perfusion fixation, decalcifiction procedures, and gross trimming of tissues in support of pathology, neuropathology, metabolism, and pharmacokinetic studies. Necropsies can be conducted on radioactive tissues and distribution/activity measured. Samples can be collected RNase-free.
  • Virtual histology can be preformed utilizing the Fortune Fry Micro-Ultrasound system, Vevo 770. VisualSonics technology provides scientific professionals with a simple method for efficiently viewing extremely small physiological structures and for imaging living tissue and blood flow with near-microscopic resolution. To learn more go to:
  • Routine stains include: Hematoxylinand Eosin (H & E), Masson
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