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Ossabaw Swine Resource

Ossabaw Swine Resource

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Affiliation :  Indiana University School of Medicine, Purdue University

Director:   Michael Sturek, Ph.D.
Director:   Mouhamad Alloosh, M.D.


The overall goal of the core is to provide Ossabaw miniature swine, technical resources, and tissues for preclinical translational research. Please see also our website for additional description, research articles, etc. We have the only research and large-scale breeding colony of Ossabaw swine in the world that is certified to have a gene mutation, the metabolic syndrome, and heart disease. The striking similarities between swine and human biochemistry, physiology, and pathophysiology provide outstanding opportunities for research in translational medicine. Publications and ongoing projects currently have found 32 uses for Ossabaw miniature swine. Providing this infrastructure and technical and intellectual resource will significantly reduce a limitation for swine research overall.

Services Offered:
  • The core provides: 1) a humanoid metabolic syndrome animal model which can be used to study multiple organ diseases and utilize cutting edge imaging and molecular technologies, 2) technical expertise, 3) consulting on study design and data analysis, and 4) tissues from several previous studies and ongoing studies.
Contact Information:
Mouhamad Alloosh, M.D.
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