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Islet and Physiology Core

Director:   Dr. Carmella Evans-Molina
Associate Director:   Dr. Sarah Tersey


The Islet and Physiology Core of the Indiana Diabetes Research Center provides IUSM and regional (IUB, IUPUI, and Purdue University) investigators with the capability to obtain high quality rodent pancreatic islets for study. The Core also provides services for islet transplantation and will assist investigators who wish to perform immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and/or analysis of beta cell mass on whole pancreata from mouse and rat models. We are also pleased to offer several services for rodent metabolic characterization, including performance of insulin and glucose tolerance testing, analysis of body composition and metabolic cage analysis using TSE System cages. The Islet and Physiology Core functions as part of the Indiana Diabetes Research Center and the IUSM Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, to foster new knowledge, support training, and promote basic and translational research in diabetes and related metabolic disorders and their complications.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • High quality rodent (mouse and rat) islets
  • Mouse islet transplantation under the kidney capsule
  • Rodent Tissue Collection and Staining including insulin staining and ? cell mass
  • Mouse Metabolic Characterization including Glucose/Insulin Tolerance Test, DXA Body Composition Measurements, and Metabolic Cage Testing and Analysis
  • Islet Physiology including Glucose stimulated insulin secretion, Intracellular calcium analysis in fixed cells, and Polyribosomal Profiling
  • Consultation and training in islet maintenance, experimentation, and data interpretation.
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