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Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF)

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Affiliation :  IU-Bloomington

Director:   John Foley, PhD
Associate Director:   Kris Klueg, PhD


Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology that allows for rapid characterization of single cells and particles and is essential for analyzing rare cell populations, immunology and cancer research, gene expression analysis and much more.

The IU-Bloomington Flow Cytometry Core Facility (IU-B FCCF) offers state-of-the-art flow cytometry analysis and cell sorting services. The facility houses the FACSAria IIu, a five-laser cell sorter and analyzer capable of fourteen color/seventeen parameter detection, the COPAS Select, a Drosophila embryo and large particle sorter (30-350µm), the LSRII, a four-laser, thirteen color/sixteen parameter analyzer with HTS (96-well sampler) option, the MACSQuant VYB, a 3-laser, eight color/ten parameter mobile (on a cart) analyzer, the SH800, a two-laser, six-color self-service sorter, and the Z2 Coulter counter technology used for determining cell concentration and size distribution.

Services include technician-assisted sorting and training for analyzer, SH800, and Coulter instruments, help with experimental design, access to workstations with FlowJo and FCS Express data analysis software, an FCS Express site license, and traveling FlowJo dongles that allow users to analyze data offsite.

Assays performed at the IU-B FCCF include:

  • Apoptosis and cell viability detection
  • Cell cycle and cell proliferation
  • Surface and intracellular marker detection and sorting
  • Measurement of Fluorescent Protein (GFP) expression and sorting
  • Stem cell analysis and sorting
  • Single Cell Sorting
  • Bacterial viability & counting
  • High-throughput 96-well plate analysis
  • Large particle sorting (Drosophila embryo, C. elegans, pollen)

Policies: Services Offered:
  • FACSAria II Fourteen-color high speed cell sorter
  • SH800 Two-laser, six-color high speed cell sorter
  • COPAS Select Drosophila embryo and large particle sorter
  • LSRII/HTS Thirteen-color analyzer with 96-well plate sampling option
  • MACSQuant VYB Three-laser, eight-color mobile flow cytometer
  • Z2 Coulter Cell and Particle Counter
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