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HANDS In Autism Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center

Affiliation :  Indiana University School of Medicine

Director:   Naomi Swiezy, Ph.D., HSPP
Director:   Tiffany Neal, Ph.D.

Website:  https://handsinautism.iupui.edu/index.htm

The HANDS (Helping Answer Needs by Developing Specialists) in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center is located within the Department of Psychiatry at the Indiana University School of Medicine. The HANDS team offers a number of services including: (1) recruitment, (2) behavioral, educational, functional, and/or vocational assessment of individuals across a broad range of ages (i.e., early childhood through adulthood) and functioning levels, and (3) program evaluation efforts targeted to a range of community stakeholders. Service and consultation efforts range from direct service, training, and coaching to program and research design and implementation. In addition, HANDS also facilitates eight cadres composed of local school and medical personnel, family members, and other community interest groups designed to facilitate and increase the dissemination and engagement at regional and community levels statewide. HANDS contracts across several state agencies to identify and directly address service needs while facilitating community engagement around identified gaps in services. The HANDS Core assists groups statewide in broadening their community and research profiles and activities across participant groups, reaching an extensive audience to facilitate mixed methods and other research designs.

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Tiffany Neal, Ph.D.
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