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HANDS In Autism Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center

HANDS In Autism Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center

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Affiliation :  Indiana University School of Medicine

Director:   Naomi Swiezy, Ph.D., HSPP
Co-Director:   Tiffany Neal, Ph.D.


The HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training & Resource Center is located within the Department of Psychiatry at the Indiana University School of Medicine. The HANDS Core is deeply integrated and involved statewide in providing evidence-based services, training, coaching and consultation across a range of local community and state stakeholder networks (e.g., families, medical providers, school personnel, community organizations). This involvement and integration in addressing the behavioral, educational, and vocational needs of consumers across a range of ages (i.e., early childhood through adulthood), functioning and disability types has assisted in:
(1) providing consultative expertise related to assessment and intervention with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related developmental (e.g., developmental and/or intellectual disabilities (DD/ID)) or neurodevelopmental disorders,
(2) reaching an extensive audience for recruitment efforts, and
(3) facilitating efforts related to community-based mixed methods, clinical trials and other research endeavors (e.g., survey development and dissemination, behavioral assessment and intervention) related to individuals with ASD/DD/ID across the lifespan.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Reaching an extensive audience for recruitment
  • Conducting and/or guiding behavioral, educational, functional, and/or vocational assessments
  • Assisting program evaluation efforts targeted to a range of community stakeholders
  • Broadening community and research profiles and activities across participant groups
  • Sharing data and information related to extensive literature and statewide gap analyses related
  • Sharing and/or adapting of internally derived measures ranging in scope from gap analyses to knowledge and implementation of ABA-based interventions
  • Facilitating implementation science efforts to guide programming as well as mixed methods and other research designs
  • Consulting related to specialty content areas of: applied behavior analysis (ABA); special education; autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other disabilities (e.g., ID/DD); implementation science and practice in the community; caregiver, teacher, and provider skills training
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HANDS in Autism®
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