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Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC)

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Affiliation :  Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty Director:   Dr. Roger Innes
Staff Director:   Dr. David Morgan


The IU Bloomington Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC) provides equipment, services and expertise for both biological and materials science electron microscopy. Our facility can be used on either a fee-for-use basis (where users pay for time on any of the equipment) or a fee-for-service basis (where users pay for staff members’ time and for equipment time). We provide consultations at no cost and are happy to provide letters of support for proposals and grants of any sort.

Policies: Services Offered:
  • Our equipment includes a 300 kV JEOL (S)TEM instrument, a 200 kV Thermo Talos Artica TEM, two lower voltage JEOL TEM’s, a Thermo Teneo VolumeScope SEM and sample preparation equipment for TEM and SEM (including a Wohlwend high pressure freezing system and a Leica freeze substitution device). The 300 kV instrument is suitable for cryoEM and is equipped with a direct electron detecting camera from Direct Electron and an EDS detector from Oxford Instruments. The 200 kV instrument is a dedicated cryoTEM and equipped with two direct electron detecting cameras (a Falcon 3 from Thermo and a K3 from Gatan). Two of our staff have expertise in cryoEM.
Contact Information:
Dr. David Morgan
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