Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC)

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Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC)

Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC)

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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty Director:

Dr. Marc Morais

Staff Director:

Dr. David Morgan


The IU Bloomington Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC) provides equipment, services and expertise for both biological and materials science electron microscopy.

  • Our equipment includes a 300 kV JEOL (S)TEM instrument, a 200 kV Thermo Talos Artica TEM, two lower voltage JEOL TEM’s, a Thermo Teneo VolumeScope SEM and sample preparation equipment for TEM and SEM (including a Wohlwend high pressure freezing system and a Leica freeze substitution device). The 300 kV instrument is suitable for cryoEM and is equipped with a direct electron detecting camera from Direct Electron and an EDS detector from Oxford Instruments. The 200 kV instrument is a dedicated cryoTEM and equipped with two direct electron detecting cameras (a Falcon 3 from Thermo and a K3 from Gatan). Two of our staff have expertise in cryoEM.

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