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Affiliation :  IU-Bloomington

Core Director:   Ashley Clark
Director, Research Project Management Services:   Erica Moore
Director, Research Data Management Services:   Jamie Roberts
Director, Research Technologies:   Joe Wilkerson
Director, R&D and Research Laboratory, & Senior Methodologist:   Lilian Yahng


Leading academic research center partnering with world-class researchers in the medical and health sciences, business, education, and the social sciences for 35+ years. Provides state-of-the-art one-stop and a la carte services for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Expert services include:

  • Research design and proposal development, including serving as consultants for designing and implementing surveys (and other forms of data collection)
  • Sampling and subject recruitment
  • Questionnaire development and testing, including cognitive interviewing
  • Respondent experience design and interface development
  • Database and data collection instrument programming, including REDCap and Qualtrics
  • Online, telephone, mail, and face-to-face data collection
  • Standardized collection of medical specimens (including saliva, blood, and urine) and anthropometric measurements
  • Standardized cognitive and mental health assessments
  • Qualitative data collection (focus groups, semi-structured interviews, observations, etc.)
  • Forms scanning, data entry, and coding
  • Data cleaning, weighting, and imputation
  • Descriptive and multivariate statistical analysis

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