This study showed that while early infections in Wuhan, China could be linked to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, after January 1, 2020, few infections could – meaning that human-to-human transmission was occurring. Researchers collected information on the first 425 Read More
This study provides data on clusters, and argues that more attention should be paid to clusters as we move to prevention and control of COVID-19. It also stresses that self-isolation may be key. COVID-19 outbreaks seem to begin in clusters. Read More
This study comparing patients who died from COVID to those who recovered details some laboratory values that are more/less common as well as the most common complications. This study compared the clinical characteristics of 113 patients who died from COVID Read More
This study concluded that children of all ages are susceptible to COVID-19, with no significant gender differences. Young children, particularly infants, are more vulnerable to infection. Objective: To identify the epidemiological characteristics and transmission patterns of children infected with COVID-19 Read More
At the outset of Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak, they launched a surveillance system to collect information on all people with COVID-19 in-country. There are concerns as to why the fatality rate (what percent of people who are infected die) is so Read More
This study provides key data on how long it takes to develop antibodies after symptoms of COVID (5 days for IgM and IgA, and 14 days for IgG) and argues that combining IgM ELISA assay with PCR makes a false Read More

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