In this news article, lawmakers discuss the need for transparent communication while complying with privacy laws. Balancing informational needs with privacy expectations may be a tricky task during a crisis situation. Ultimately, safety and awareness must be emphasized with a Read More
In this report, advice is given about types of real-time information to present to keep people informed of the effects of COVID-19. Pennsylvania’s first-ever chief data officer, David Partsch, offered guidance about how to communicate important evidence-based information during the Read More
This article discusses WHO’s newly launched platform to correct misinformation about COVID-19. Not only are we fighting a pandemic, we are also fighting an infodemic, which is a global epidemic of misinformation. Because of social media in particular, we are Read More
This press release highlights a communication strategy to streamline critical data for stakeholders on how to marshal local resources and allow stakeholders in other locations to learn from standardized solutions that already work. The COVID-19 Communications Pallet provides governmental and Read More
This editorial highlights the effectiveness of rapidly sharing scientific information to provide real-time guidance to clinicians and epidemiologists. Given the rapidly changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that scientific information be shared just as rapidly. By sharing Read More
In this study, individuals were more influenced by information presented as a narrative than just by statistical information. This study explored how types of information influence people’s behaviors during a crisis situation. Presenting information as a narrative has a persuasive Read More
The Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress provides guidance to health and community leaders about how to utilize effective risk communication principles to prepare and update people during stressful situations. How leaders communicate during stressful situations effects how people Read More
The COVID-19 communication tools from the Academy of Communication in Healthcare offers health providers simple strategies for more effective communication. The Academy of Communication in Healthcare is providing free quick tip resources on their webpage to help providers communicate with Read More
In this article, a chief health officer argues that communication about COVID-19 must be immediate and transparent. Similar to other countries, Australia’s government was slow to inform people about the severity of COVID-19 in a timely manner. However, Brett Sutton, Read More
In a mixed methods study, researchers found that effective crisis leaders provide information updates and emotional coping advice. During crises, people look to government for guidance, protection, and stability. Effective government crisis communication leaders exhibit the following competencies: crisis perceptiveness, Read More

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