In an editorial, UK’s government was criticized for being slow to respond to the pandemic by not following instructive experiences from other countries. China’s aggressive approach to locking down cities has slowed the spread of the virus in its country Read More
In this randomized control trial, health care providers were less likely to accurately recall information when overloaded with too much and too frequent communication during an emergency. Information delivered too frequently and/or repetitively through multiple communication channels can have a Read More
In this paper series on risk communication in times of an epidemic or pandemic, an international interdisciplinary team determined that transparent communication can build credibility and trust during a pandemic. The most important components of successful communication during a pandemic Read More
This New York Times article suggests utilizing communicative approaches similar to Taiwan could provide Americans with transparency while protecting their privacy. Currently in the United States, privacy seems to be trumping transparency, even though transparent communication has long been touted Read More
How Similes Helped Communicate Complex Health Topics to Patients By Courtney Moore, Senior Designer, Research Jam (Indiana CTSI’s Patient Engagement Core) 3 Minute Read Informed consent is critical to medical research, but it is frequently challenging. It’s vital that patients Read More

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