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This review from Kaiser Health News discusses various approaches cities and states are taking to reduce the risks of COVID-19 outbreaks in incarcerated populations. As jails and prisons house populations in settings that do not lend themselves to reducing exposure Read More
The updated Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan outlines the steps needed to transition to and maintain a steady-state of low-level to no Coronavirus transmission, the best possible available outcome given the lack of immunity or a vaccine at this time. Read More
This emergency ordinance will devote $180 million toward ensuring protection for a vulnerable population, slow the spread of the virus in the city, and send needed funding to an industry whose business and workforce has been decimated over the past Read More
This Executive Order signed yesterday by the Rhode Island Governor will require, beginning Saturday, that employees of all still-open be provided cloth masks at the business’ expense and wear such masks at work. The order also requires all customers entering Read More
This article describes the efforts to coordinate responses across multiple states to reopen their economies amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Today, New York Governor Cuomo announced the formation of a council comprised of scientific, economic and political leaders from each of Read More
This article argues for the immediate use of mobile phones and public reporting systems to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. To decrease the spread of COVID-19, accurate reporting of cases is needed to characterize the epidemiological parameters underlying transmission and to Read More
This report from STAT discusses how, to move toward suppression of COVID-19 in the United States, financially strapped state and local public health agencies nationwide will need to hire potentially hundreds of thousands of fieldworkers to conduct the labor-intensive work Read More
This analysis by leading health law and bioethics scholar Hank Greeley examines challenges with using “immunity cards,” “immunity certificates,” “Covid passports” or other such devices as part of the process of “reopening” society before robust treatments and/or effective vaccines become Read More
This article describes statewide initiatives launched in Illinois to reach vulnerable populations and keep noncritical cases out of their hospitals. On Saturday, the Illinois governor announced the launch of several statewide initiatives leveraging telehealth capacity to reach community-based individuals with Read More
In a petition to the Kansas Supreme Court, the Kansas governor has argued that it is an unlawful delegation of the legislature’s authority to allow the state’s Legislative Coordinating Council to override the governor’s executive order limiting religious gatherings.  The Read More

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