Presentation Title: Impacts of Type II Diabetes and BMP-2 in Lung Endothelial Cells for Fracture Healing Author Name: Hanisha L. Battina Project Mentor or Advisor:  Dr. Melissa Kacena Author Department and School Affiliation: IU School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Read More
Presentation Title: Real-World Implementation of UV N95 Mask Decontamination in the Hospital Setting Author Name(s): Nathan J. Alves, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana University School of Medicine Abstract: Since the onset of Read More
Presentation Title: Innate and Adaptive Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection Play Major Role in Disease Severity Author Name(s): Tarunendu Mapder1, Sara K. Quinney1,2, Richard F. Bergstrom1, Robert E. Stratford1 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Read More
Presentation Title: Title: ST2 as checkpoint target for colorectal cancer immunotherapy Author Name(s): Kevin Van der Jeught1, Yifan Sun1, Yuanzhang Fang1, Zhuolong Zhou1, Hua Jiang2, Tao Yu1, Jinfeng Yang2, Malgorzata Maria Kamocka3, Kaman So4, Yujing Li1, Haniyeh Eyvani1, George E. Read More
Presentation Title: Bilirubin-Coated Radio-Luminescent Particles for Radiation-Induced Photodynamic Therapy Author Name(s): Dhushyanth Viswanath Abstract: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has shown potential as a cancer treatment modality, but its clinical application is limited due to its visible light activation since visible wavelengths Read More
Presentation Title: The Indiana CTSI PPE Project: A Conduit Between Innovation and Need in the COVID-19 Crisis Author Name(s): Jake Lazarus, Kara Garcia, and Anna Carrera Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana CTSI Abstract: At the onset of the COVID-19 Read More
Presentation Title: Remotely Delivering a Medication Safety Intervention during a Global Pandemic Author Name(s): Jordan R. Hill1, Addison B. Harrington2, Philip Adeoye2, Noll Campbell 3,1,2, Richard J. Holden1,2 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Indiana University, School of Medicine, 2Regenstrief Institute, 3Purdue University, Read More
Presentation Title: Adipocyte Differentiation and/or Lipid Accumulation are Induced by Commonly Used Pesticides in Indiana Author Name(s): Fahmi Mesmar, Jason Tennessen, Ken Mackie, Stephen J. Carter and Maria Bondesson Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana University, Bloomington Abstract: Obesity and obesity-related disorders Read More
Presentation Title: Circadian Rhythm Disruption Results in Visual Dysfunction Author Name(s): Deepa Mathew and Ashay D Bhatwadekar Author Department and School Affiliation: Department of Ophthalmology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis. IN 46202 Abstract: Circadian rhythm disruption (CRD) is associated Read More
Presentation Title: Tracking the Process of Treatment Seeking in Breast Cancer Patients Author Name(s): Jennifer Leising1,3, Shangyuan Ma1,3, Lisa Hayes2, Cleveland Shields1,4, Poching DeLaurentis1 , Yuehwern Yih1,3​ Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, Purdue University; 2R.E.D. Read More
Presentation Title: Longitudinal Emergency Medicine Provider Burnout and Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic Author Name(s): Heather Kelker, MD; Kyle Yoder, MD; Paul Musey, MD; Madison Harris; Olivia Johnson; ​Brooke Henderson, MD; Punit Vyas; Elisa Sarmiento MS; Zachary Adams, PhD; Julie Read More
Presentation Title: MYCOBACTERIUM AVIUM INFECTION IN THE LUNGS: An Agent-based model showing the Effects of Bacterial Phenotypes and Biofilm Author Name(s): 1Catherine Weathered*, 2Patricio Escalante, 2Kelly Pennington, 1Elsje Pienaar Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA; Read More
Presentation Title: Gender Differences in Impulsivity on Youth at Risk for Substance Use Disorders Author Name(s): José R. Chimelis-Santiago, M.S., Ya Chai, Leslie Hulvershorn, M.D. Abstract: This study objective was to assess the gender differences in impulsivity and psychiatric disorders Read More
Presentation Title: Utilization of Speech Analysis as a Diagnostic Tool to Objectively Evaluate Early Signs of Medical Conditions and Recovery Author Name(s): Michael A. Stokes Author Department and School Affiliation: Waveform Communication, LLC Abstract: The Waveform Model of Vowel Perception Read More
Presentation Title: Delirium Incidence, Duration and Severity in Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Author Name(s): Sikandar Khan2,4, Heidi Lindroth 2,3,4; Jessica Hammes1; Babar Khan2,4,5,6 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis, IN; 2Division of Pulmonary, Critical Read More
Presentation Title: Computational Model of Ebolavirus Matrix Protein Assembly: Phospholipid Influence on Production of Viral Particles Author Name(s): Authors: Liu X1,*, Pappas E1, Husby ML2, Stahelin RV2, Pienaar E1 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, 2Department Read More
Presentation Title: Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy of Staphylococcus aureus using non-iron hemin analogs Author Name(s): Benjamin Washer *, Badhu Sivasubramaniam*, Yuichiro Watanabe*, Alex Wei* Author Department and School Affiliation: * Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 Abstract: Antimicrobial Read More
Presentation Title: Doctors and Patients and Parents, Oh My!: A Translational Case Study with Diverse Stakeholders for a Patient Decision Aid from Development to Implementation Author Name(s): Janet Panoch, PhD Author Department and School Affiliation: Indiana University School of Medicine Read More
Presentation Title: Radioluminescent nanoparticles for combination chemoradiotherapy of locally advanced head and neck cancers Author Name(s): Kaustabh Sarkar1, You-Yeon Won2 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Graduate Research Assistant, Purdue University; 2Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University Abstract: Head and neck Read More
Presentation Title: Population pharmacokinetics of R and S methadone in children undergoing major surgery Author Name(s): Blessed W. Aruldhas1,3, Brian R. Overholser1,2, Sara K. Quinney1, Andrea R. Masters1, Christine M. Bach1, Senthil Sadhasivam1 Author Department and School Affiliation: 1Indiana University Read More

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