This press release describes the economy reopening framework agreed upon by the bipartisan group of governors from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The governors indicate that the economy will not open all at once. Furthermore, they also Read More
The updated Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan outlines the steps needed to transition to and maintain a steady-state of low-level to no Coronavirus transmission, the best possible available outcome given the lack of immunity or a vaccine at this time. Read More
In a press release and presentation issued today, California Governor Newsom outlined a data- and science-driven framework that will guide their review of the state’s stay-at-home and other COVID-19-related policies. The state of California has announced their “Roadmap to Modify Read More
This analysis from the New England Journal of Medicine discusses the unique legal concerns that may arise in containing COVID-19 while also attempting to safely unwind current restrictions. As the authors state, “A showdown between public health imperatives and civil Read More
This analysis by leading health law and bioethics scholar Hank Greeley examines challenges with using “immunity cards,” “immunity certificates,” “Covid passports” or other such devices as part of the process of “reopening” society before robust treatments and/or effective vaccines become Read More

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